An exploration of whether it’s possible to upload a human mind into a computer

This film was released back in 2014, and despite Johnny Depp and Morgan Freeman starring along with Paul Bettany, to say that this film has a poor critical response would be an understatement. Its Rotten Tomatoes score is just 19%! The question is though does it deserve such a poor response?

​Yes and no. This is in my view an exploration of a question rather than a typical film, and the question being asked is can you upload a mind onto a computer. …

A guy gets called into work by his girlfriend and the consequences are life-changing

Image by drippycat from Pixabay

As I dropped to my knee, I rested my blood-soaked hand against the gravestone, I still couldn’t believe the name written on it. But it had happened and all I could think about was the day where all this began. That day in The Raging Bull.

I stepped out of the taxi and looked at the big sign above the battered old building, The Raging Bull. From the outside you would think this place would be full of the lowest of the low, it was supposed to look that way, but inside it was a different story. …

A highly enjoyable and easy to read espionage thriller with everything you would expect from a James Bond story

Photo by me

This is another of my charity shop buys, £1.19 this one cost — quite expensive for a paperback charity shop buy, but then it is a James Bond novel.

Anyhow, despite this being the first novel to be adapted into a feature film, this was actually the sixth novel in Ian Fleming’s 007 book series, and it was published back in 1958.

Needless to say, this is an espionage thriller. The story is about the mysterious disappearance of MI6’s Jamaican station chief. James Bond gets tasked with investigating, but finds that the mission is much more deadly than he had…

An interview with me and myself

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Disclaimer: all pictures by me unless stated otherwise.

Who are you?

David Graham.

Who is that?

This guy:

And how understanding them can help improve your body image

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There are three key elements that you need to understand to get a rocking six-pack:

  • Exercise
  • Diet
  • Genetics

Where many people go wrong is in not understanding how the above three elements interlink.

The amount of exercise and the type of exercise, along with the sort of dieting that you need to do to get a six-pack (or a great bubble butt), is completely and entirely defined by your genetics.

And everyone’s genetics are different. It is simply a fact of life. There are people who have similar genetics but there are no people with identical genetics. That means that…

A collection of my top stories

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Most popular overall

Creative non-fiction

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It is easy to forget that our pre-industrialised ancestors did not have these privileges

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The world has advanced so much technologically over the last two hundred years or so, it is very easy to forget the sheer level of privilege that those living in the modern world, especially Western countries, have over our pre-industrialised ancestors.

The feeling of loneliness

Image by Pam Patterson from Pixabay

Silence, that’s all I can hear,

I dream of a voice,

a beautiful tender voice,

speaking beautiful words

that ends my pain,

but silence, only silence.

It’s raining silence,

it’s pouring silence,

it’s thundering silence.

The silence is endless,

the silence is deafening,

I can’t escape it. So I

stop trying. Silence it is,

silence it will be. Silence,

forever with me.

No, I hear you. Hold on.

Help me find you.

Who are you?

I am you and you are me,

and together

we can beat

the silence and be free,

just say after me,

I am who I…

A brown paper box finds itself all alone in the carriage of a fast-moving train

Photo by hannah cauhepe on Unsplash

I’m sat on the floor of the carriage and the train is now thundering along the tracks. My owner has either forgotten or abandoned me. I thought he had just gone to the bathroom, but it has been over an hour now and he has not returned. And now I was worried. What was beneath my brown paper packaging?

We brown paper boxes only have eyes on the outside so we rarely get to see what people put inside us, not unless they show it to us. …

David Graham

Due to injury I write using voice dictation software. Lover of psychology, science’y things, movies, fiction & self-improvement.

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