I have two degrees, and due to injury write using voice dictation software. The one statement that best helps show my personality is: follow through. Literally, if I say I'm going to do something, I always do it. Period.

I love gaining new levels of understanding and new perspectives, and what I write on here is a part of that journey. From human psychology, to human nature, to why we do things, to how we can do things better, to why things are the way they are, much more, I write about everything. Self-improvement, health and fitness, science, sex, relationships, this, that, literally everything.

I also write fiction and poetry, fiction because I believe escapism is a great medium to help you escape the world, my favourite genres are science fiction and thrillers, and poetry because I believe it's a great tool for talking emotions and feelings. I also write a good bit of creative non-fiction.

I believe that the key to a happy life is understanding the world, the more you understand the world the better you are able to handle everything it throws at you. Though I also do love a good humorous story and believe that humour and laughter are so so important, so I also share a good number of funny stories and other humour focused posts. The aim being, to brighten up everyone's day.

I have two publications, The Knowledge of Freedom and Story Maniacs.

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David Graham

Due to injury I write using voice dictation software. Lover of psychology, science, humour, history, fiction & self-improvement. https://linktr.ee/DavidGraham86