Dating in the modern world is hard, here are twelve ways you can boost your chances of finding love

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Dating in the modern world is, to say the least, a challenging endeavour, something which at first glance may seem crazy. After all, at our fingertips, we all have access to millions of potential dating prospects. It is that fact which is increasingly making dating so difficult.

Here are twelve…

Dating in the modern world is not easy — here are five reasons why

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Anyone who has experienced dating in the modern world will be able to attest that it is certainly not easy. For the majority of men, the challenge is netting a date in the first place, for the majority of women, netting a date is easy, but that is the challenge.

Stopping drinking alcohol and continuing to party taught me the true power of alcohol

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In my late teens and early twenties, I was big on the party scene, I was out nearly every night and to say that my alcohol tolerance level was high, would be an understatement. But then one day, mainly because I decided that I wanted to remember my life rather…

In this post, I’m going to manipulate you to show how to stop people from manipulating you

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No one wants to be manipulated, and yet in truth all of us are constantly manipulated throughout our lives in one way or another by outside parties, and all of us in some way or another are ourselves constantly manipulating others.

Ever persuaded a friend to do something you know…

I used to be trapped in an endless war of my own making, this question helped me escape it

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Back in 2008, I tore the scapholunate ligament in my right wrist. Despite this, mentally I remained in a world where I could still use my hands without any problems. My mind was unable to compute even the thought of not returning to exactly how I was — two fully…

David Graham

Due to injury I write using voice dictation software. Lover of psychology, science’y things, movies, fiction & self-improvement.

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