The heart-wrenching novel that inspired Daniel Craig’s last ever line as James Bond

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Released back in 1963, this is the tenth Bond novel by Fleming, and it is a highly unique entry in the series — not on the action and espionage side of things, but on the relationship side. …

The modern world is full of insults, this is a list of responses to those insults

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You get insulted for being this that and everything these days. In this post, I present some responses that you can give to those insults.

Disclaimer: much wiseassery and snarkyness ahead. You have been warned.

“Who asked you?”

“Not you, clearly, you would have to have brains to ask me.”

The acts that are so crazy it beggars belief anyone would even think to try them let alone enact them


Since the dawn of mankind, humans have done crazy stuff as a means of entertaining people. From throwing knives blindfolded at a moving target, to shooting live bullets at a magician, to much much more.

But some acts are so crazy that it beggars belief that anyone would even think…

Ian Fleming’s first James Bond entry is unquestionably the most gripping and emotionally fraught of all the Bond novels

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Despite being a big James Bond fan, I had never got around to reading Ian Fleming’s first James Bond novel, Casino Royale. So when I saw it for sale in a charity shop for a grand price of £1.29, I couldn’t take it from the shelf swiftly enough.

The first…

A short story about a care home worker and his battle to save one of his residences from a broken heart

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I didn’t use to believe in life after death, but after what happened last week, I now do. …

James Bond has always been a man, but will he remain that way?

Promotional poster for No Time to Die

There’s a lot of talk around these days about whether there should or should not be a female James Bond. There has already now been a female 007, Lashana Lynch nailing it in No Time to Die. But will there ever be a Jane Bond?

My opinion on the matter…

I used to work in a nightclub, and I accidentally stole money once

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During my first stint at university, I used to work in a nightclub. They were always short of staff — when aren’t nightclubs short of staff — which meant I did every job there was. …

If you like the Star Wars movies, this is the order you should watch them in

A popular debate amongst Star Wars fans is what is the best order to watch the movies in. As a Star Wars fan, these are my feelings on the matter.

First up, I’m going to say off the bat if you’ve never seen Star Wars, the order to watch them…

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